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Dragonflight Alpha Adds The Nokhud Offensive Dungeon, the Revamped Monk Class, and More in Week Six

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Development and testing continue on World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Alpha, with the sixth week of alpha open, there are some new updates and ways to explore and test out the content. 

For this round of testing, the level cap  is now 70. Each week's build is different, so in order to test it more thoroughly,  Blizzard recommends creating a new character, so the template for character creation is level 60, giving you a head start and time to shape your test character but not too far off cap. This week, all leveling zones and the Dracthyr starting zone are available to test. Additionally, you can test out faction experience for leveling up and endgame. If you have alpha access, there’s a wide array of content to get into and help the team polish up.

When it comes to classes, this week the Monk is available, with its fully revamped talent trees. All previously introduced classes with new talent trees–Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Warrior, and Warlock–are also available, wlong with the Dracthyr and its options. You’ll also have access to all professions, including new features, in this build.

Thirsty for new dungeon challenges? There’s a new dungeon to test too, The Nokhud Offensive, which joins the rotation of previous dungeons to bring the number of available ones to six. This new dungeon, as revealed in a recent preview, sets you in the middle of a civil war that happened after Clan Nokhud captured Ohn’ahra, the ancient eagle spirit that some of the other clans consider their goddess. This is clearly not going over well, and the dungeon will see you join the side against Nokhud and fight with the other clans against them and their leader, Balakar Khan, who wants to gain the power of the wind.

See more on the update at World of Warcraft. 


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