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Dragon Quest Celebrates Switch Arrival With 10 Franchise Facts

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Square Enix is celebrating the Dragon Quest franchise arrival on Switch with 10 facts about the games in question in a new blog post. Let’s take a look.

The first Dragon Quest was actually called Dragon Warrior in the US due to copyright claims on a tapletop RPG called DragonQuest at the time. The series remained Dragon Warrior until 2005 when Dragon Quest VII released on PS2. The Dragon Warrior name has since been retired.

Another fact is that this is actually the first time a Dragon Quest game has been on a console in Europe. Additionally, the first Dragon Quest was a free gift in Nintendo Power.

“American gamers of a certain age will fondly remember Nintendo Power - the beloved magazine that was full of tips, tricks and news about the latest games.

It was something of an institution, and for a while, if you subscribed, you’d get something extremely cool - free copy of DRAGON QUEST (well, okay - a free copy of DRAGON WARRIOR, but let’s not quibble about names).”

The post is an interesting history lesson into the franchise, and you can read all 10 facts here.


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