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Dragon Enclave Expansion Announced

Suzie Ford Posted:
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The Arcane Legends forums are all a-twitter following an announcement that the game will be expanding soon with Dragon Enclave. Fans of the mobile MMO will be happy to hear that new maps, new elite legendary equipment and much more will be incoming with the expansion. In addition, the team has plans to implement a new itemization system.

There won't be any new Mythic items released when the expansion drops, but they will be coming alongside future updates and events. This is part of the new itemization that we have implemented with this expansion. We will be staggering new item release over time. There will be less new items to farm at the initial release. Then, a little further down the road, we will release additional content that hold the potential for different or improved items. With the staggered release of new gear, you’ll have new things to get excited about more often. Rather than just getting everything there is at the very beginning and a longer wait for something new, we will be offering more frequent content with gear improvements.

Read more on the Arcane Legends forum.


Suzie Ford

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