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Dragon Bash 2020 Begins Next Week in Guild Wars 2

Get ready to bust open some Dragon pinatas!

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Next week, the annual Dragon Bash festival will take place in Guild Wars 2 from June 23 to July 14, celebrating the defeat of Zhaitan.

This annual event is "an expression of relief and joy at beating impossible odds," according to the official news announcement on the Guild Wars 2 website.

"From June 23 to July 14, travel to the norn capital city of Hoelbrak to bust open dragon pinatas, bet on racing moas, battle holographic dragon minions, and earn rewards. Visit the release page for all the details."

The festivities include busting open dragon pinatas, betting on racing moas, participating in mount races, and a massive Kralkatorrik hologram floating in the sky. Players can enter the Dragon Arena to fight against holographic dragon minions and take part in Hologram Stampede events. There are also new rewards to collect, including electrifying imbued holographic weapons and holographic shoulder skins.

You can watch the full trailer announcing the festivals return down below. And in other Guild Wars 2 news, check out the No Quarter Preview and read about one of the developers discussing the past and future of Guild Wars 2.


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