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Dr. Dre is Your Client in GTA Online with The Contract, the Latest Major Update, Featuring New Music

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Grand Theft Auto Online has just gotten a big content update and it features Franklin Clinton of  GTA V, managing a  "celebrity solutions agency" with a very high-profile client, Dr. Dre. Not only does Dr. Dre show up as Franklin's client, “The Contract” is a huge update that also debuts exclusive new music by him and other artists.

Franklin and his friends and cohorts at the agency will take on the case of Dr. Dre’s stolen phone. You’ll have to uncover what happened to it and track it down before the new music on it is leaked. With this your agency’s first major client, it’s a race to prove yourself. And with GTA, it’s anything goes. And it will, because as soon as you build up your reputation for a while handling security contracts and retrieving valuables, you’ll get word of some dirtier business to handle, like assassinations. 

A big part of the update is the new Record A Studios, a huge studio where you’ll get to hang out with Dr. Dre. You’ll also get some expandable office space, with multiple floors and vehicle storage. Upgrades you can acquire include an armory and a vehicle workshop.

The Contract also adds a new radio station hosted by recording artist Rosalía and Arca, MOTOMIAMI Los Santos. New music will be played on this station, Radio Los Santos, and West Coast Classics, some featuring more exclusive new songs.

Rockstar also loaded this update with hundreds of accessories, event bonuses, and promises of new vehicles, an upcoming new Adversary Mode and more.

The update also includes a couple of quality of life changes, including a reduction in calls and texts and the ability to use the map to scan and pick your next gameplay option. You’ll be able to highlight a contact blip and trigger the contact intro. There are also some new daily objectives and reduced daily fees for properties and businesses.

For the full details on this very expansive update, head to The Contract announcement over at GTA Online.


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