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Downtime for New World Coming Today to Fix Bugs Caused By the January Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World is getting downtime today to fix a few issues that resulted from yesterday‘s January update. The issues being fixed include a major problem with player storage sheds that broke proper item stacking and caused inventories to fill up quickly. They are also addressing server crash issues affecting Expeditions and Outpost Rush.

Players discovered that trying to put items in storage was not stacking identical items. If the items were crafting materials, when someone would try to craft with them, the items would be consumed as if used, but the crafting would fail. 

Other issues being addressed in the downtime include re-enabling an item that was removed from the game by mistake, the Ring of the Forgers Signet. Players will be able to earn it in the game once this patch is live, but if it was in your inventory and disappeared, re-enabling it back into the game won’t make it reappear in your inventory. Just like with the Harvester gear that they had to replace for players later after accidentally removing the set from the game, there will be a make good in the future that will return the item to players who lost it. There’s no timing yet on when this will happen.

There’s also a bug that causes the loot from Elite Chests in Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality Expeditions to not match up with the player's Expertise level. Once this bug is fixed, Elite Chests will drop loot based on the correct Expertise values. The team will return Mutator Orbs later to those who used them up while the bug was still affecting the game. 

The patch for New World is expected to take approximately two hours and will begin at 2:30PM ET, 8:30 PM CET. You can read the announcement and updates on this patch here.



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