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Double XP Hits RuneScape as Closed iOS Beta Draws Near

You can still sign up for the closed beta

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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RuneScape has a brace of updates today, including a Double XP event and news of an iOS closed beta.

First up, double XP is set to begin on May 8 (this Friday) and is set to run through May 18. During this time, you’ll receive 48 hours of double XP gains. You can use these for whatever you like, except for Archaeology. If you recall, Archaeology is the newest skill to hit RuneScape in several years. The full rules for Double XP LIVE can be found here.

Additionally, the closed beta for the iOS version of RuneScape is set to begin on May 11. The mobile version of the game is set to be fully cross compatible with the desktop version and the Android version, which is nice. The team notes that the first sign-ups will arrive on May 11, with other waves to follow.

You’ll need to download the TestFlight app to take part. The team also notes what you need to do to sign up:

  1. Go to the App Store and install TestFlight on your Apple device.
  2. Once the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta is live, a TestFlight link will be shared on RuneScape.com
  3. Once the link has opened TestFlight on your iOS device, tap on ‘Start Testing’ (under the 'Join the Beta' heading).
  4. Follow the instructions within TestFlight to download the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta.
  5. Start playing!


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