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DOOM Eternal ships without DRM, delighting pirates everywhere

Seems fixed now

By Poorna Shankar on March 22, 2020 | News | 0

In a world where DRM is everywhere, it looks like Bethesda shipped DOOM Eternal without it.

As reported by VG247, the game shipped with another .exe file with appeared to not have the Denuvo DRM in place. This file was found in a folder called “Original.” This was noticed on Resetera which shows the “original” folder in place. Note, this was for the Bethesda launcher version. The Steam version appeared fine.

Bethesda did issue a patch which removed this .exe file. But by then, folks had taken notice. So if you see a pirated version of DOOM Eternal out there, well, this may have had a part to play. This isn’t the first time Bethesda did this either. This has happened in the past with Rage 2, again for the Bethesda launcher version.


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