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Don't Count Them Out Yet

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In a new interview over at Eurogamer, ArenaNet's game director Colin Johanson and lead content designer Mike Zadorojny speak to the community of gamers who believe that Guild Wars 2's best days are behind it. The interview focuses on declining NCSoft revenue, the potential for an expansion, "sweeping new features coming soon, and much, much more.

Concern: 350 people! And all they've come up with are story updates people outside the game can't connect with? Where are the big new features? Is there really no expansion planned?

Actually, it sounds like there is an expansion planned. "We have a couple of really big Guild Wars projects cooking in the background," Johanson told me.

Later, he added: "Some of our players believe that because we are doing this Living World seasons, and these features or these big feature-builds, that it means that the features you would traditionally get in an expansion, or the content you would traditionally get in an expansion, is not something that will get added to Guild Wars 2. And that is not true at all.

"Not only are we doing those things, new features and content you would traditionally get from a boxed expansion are also things that will be added to Guild Wars 2.

"The thing that we haven't decided yet," he went on, "is what form that type of content will take. Is it right for Guild Wars 2 for that kind of boxed expansion? Is it right for that to be something we add, live, through storylines in the game? Is that something we want to sell through our in-game store? There are a lot of different options available to us.

"... but we absolutely are going to do sweeping new features that you would traditionally only get in expansions - large regions, content and progression additions to your characters in the form of growth and professions and races. Those are all things that you will see in the lifespan of Guild Wars 2."

Mike Zadorojny, clarifying his comments from last year - which suggested there wouldn't be an expansion any time soon - said: "The answer I gave you [in 2013] was that nothing was off the table."

Read the rest of this terrific Guild Wars 2 interview over at Eurogamer.


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