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Dive into World of Warcraft's New Talent Trees and Specialization As Dragonflight Pre-Patch Goes Live

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The Dragonflight pre-patch is out today, and Blizzard has a look at the huge overhaul to talent trees and specializations.

The talent system has been a part of World of Warcraft since launch, and the team is looking to change the talent system to give players more flexibility over their builds. The system intends to give that flexibility while also letting players learn the necessary abilities and skills while still letting them have choices over the rest.  This can, as the team has said before, lead to some very bad builds. But it can also lead to a variety and flexibility that mean players don't have to feel like they only have one path to viability.

There’s a new blog that walks us all through what's new in the talent trees, including dividing talents into two groups–class talents and specialization talents. Class talents are shared among all those of the same class, and are the utility skills that get you through your journey. Specialization talents are where most of your choices will come in and are different paths you can choose to develop your build your way.

You'll earn talent points just for leveling up and then you can assign them how you want to. Another option you will have is to reset all your talents at no cost. So with the flexibility inherent in this change, the team has also made it sure that as you set off on adventures in Dragonflight, the new system won't trip you up since you can change things up whenever you need to. You can also save builds as loadouts, which will let you have saved options for different modes or different moods.

Read all the details about the new talent trees, talent points, and how you’ll be able to find your own path over at World of Warcraft.


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