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Discover The Realm of Damnation in This Diablo Immortal Devblog

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For those anticipating the release next month of Diablo Immortal, there’s a new zone preview introducing the Realm of Damnation. 

With Diablo Immortal set in between Diablo II and Diablo III, this might give you an idea of where things are taking place and what’s at stake. Narrative Designer Ryan Quinn introduces us to the Realm of Damnation, which he describes as “the personal hell of a demon lord”, which probably sounds like someplace you want to know more about if you’re interested in Diablo.

After you get through the introductory quests and the Frozen Tundra, you’ll begin to follow Skarn to find out more about his plans. You will begin in the thick, dark Forest of Misery where you will have to fight demons that have failed Skarn and earned his punishment, twisting them into parts of the realms, like the Gnarled Pawns you’ll encounter. 

Survive the forest and you’ll find yourself in The Last Vestige, an encampment built by trapped angel sentinels led by a strong warleader who has fought the demons for ages, and could use some help. Guess who has the opportunity to help the leader Verathiel and maybe get yourself some allies down there.

Skarn is looking for the Worldstone, which had been corrupted and destroyed by the archangel Tyrael at the end of Diablo II. Tyrael was gone but so was the stone, but maybe not for long with Skarn and his mysterious followers around.

The preview gives just enough of a taste of the pursuit of Skarn and flavors of what we can expect in this zone of the realm. Among the previews on the devblog include audio clips, “Sounds of the Realm”, which include the title music track, “Realm of Damnation” with its creepy timbre and slowly unraveling atmosphere. There are also voice acting clips for Skarn (Steve Blum), Verathiel (Kimberly Brooks), and The Old Growth, a danger in the forest that you should not underestimate.

Read the full devblog over at Diablo Immortal.


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