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Discover Reekwater in New World's November Alpha Update

Plus more patch notes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New World has seen a new update for its November alpha which adds a new zone, Reekwater.

First up, if you missed our preview of the latest New World content, be sure to catch up here. You can read our full thoughts on the content, in addition to our concerns. The new zone, Reekewater, is effectively a supernatural swamp. The patch contains several story quests where you can discover the origins of this mysterious bog.

The patch notes point to new enemies including four new swamp dryads, undead pirate brutes, two swamp fiends, creepers, Sufferance of the Elders, and The Protector of the Source. Fishing is a new feature as well, in addition to fishing quests. Combat sees several updates as well like a new threat system, elite enemy system, and more.

Weapons and balance see updates in targeted healing, a critical hit system, musket, life staff, and sword. UX/UI patch notes include additional nameplates, pinned quest updates, and some QoL like:

  • The Weapon Mastery tutorial for new characters has been tuned slightly to make it more clear how ability slotting works.
  • Visual effects (VFX) have been added to abilities when they are slotted in the Mastery screen.


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