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Dinosaur Survival MMO Path of Titans Coming to Consoles and Opening Closed Beta on July 27th

There will be T-Rexes

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Path of Titans, the survival MMO where you play as a dinosaur will be coming to console, and closed beta kicks off next week across most platforms on July 27th.

You’ll be able to become a dinosaur, growing from egg to an adult, choosing from the growing roster of (currently) 26 dinosaur options. Instances will support up to 200 players, all in the environment of Panjura, a land that can be challenging and nourishing, depending on how well you explore and also avoid danger. You can even upgrade and spend points to progress, even altering and learning new attacks or other ways to create builds to fit your play style. Customization doesn’t stop at character creation.

If you’re unfamiliar with Path of Titans, you’ll be able to pick from a number of dinosaurs, unlock skins and other colors, and get going on quests, collection, and even survival gameplay elements like building your own nests. You’ll also be able to gather supplies and forage, and, being dinosaurs and all, engage in PvP or defend your allies and herd members. 

You'll also be able to engage in activities like swimming, fishing, and Diving and even hunting underwater. The team at Alderon games plans to also add a map of islands that have inland waterways and lagoons that will encourage wider gameplay options for dinosaurs that thrive in the air, land, and water.

Closed beta will open next week on July 27th on Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile. The beta will also make it to Nintendo Switch later in the summer.

According to a release announcing the closed beta and console cross-play options, Alderon Games co-founder Matthew Cassells mentions that “The addition of console platforms [and cross-play] will bring a lot of new players into the game, and the addition of T-Rex hatchlings will make things very interesting around Panjura”.

You can find out more on the official Path of Titans site.


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