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Dinosaur MMO Survival Game Path of Titans Launches Its Cross-Platform Closed Beta

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Your chance to be a dinosaur is here as Path of Titans begins its closed beta on PC, mobile, and console today. The massively multiplayer survival game brings its cross-platform beta to life with 26 dinosaur species to choose from, complete with survival game mechanics and exploration.

In order to get started, you'll have to purchase the Founder’s Edition. Last week, developer Alderon Games revealed that there would be a release on console, and today’s closed beta is available on PC, Mac, Linux, mobile, PlayStation, and Xbox. There is a planned Nintendo Switch version later this summer.

For now, though, if you’re on board it’s time to head to Panjura and join over 200 people per server. The closed beta today also introduces the Tyrannosaurus Rex as part of the options you can choose from. While Panjura is the game’s first available map, more are planned. 

When it comes to character creation, you will start from the very beginning of a dinosaur's life, the egg, and it will be up to you to explore and figure out how to survive and grow. The 26 available species include flying dinosaurs, land dinosaurs of all kinds, and even sea dinosaurs. While your usual MMO characters may not be dinosaurs, the system of allocating attribute points and customizing your build should be familiar.

You can learn how to create a home by building a nest or finding safe caves, and since  there are survival and sandbox elements, you can choose to form a herd with other players or try to challenge them. With MMO side quests, gathering, and other events, there are options for what to do and how to shape your dinosaur’s life. Some of the quest even reward cooperation and unlock special content and bonuses.

The development team says there will be  official servers, custom community servers, and the ability to move between linked servers to explore together and complete certain adventures.

Find out more over at Path of Titans.


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