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Digital Extremes Is Running A New Player Crafting Experiment For Warframe

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Getting into a new MMO is rough for new players, especially if those games have been out for years and years. Introducing systems to players in a meaningful way is always a challenge, and Warframe developer Digital Extremes is running an experiment to figure out what approach works best.

Via a new forums post, Warframe Community Coordinator Corey "CoreyOnline" van den Hoogenband posted about the different ways the team making the looter MMO is collecting data to help improve meaningful ways new players can learn about crafting and resources.

Via the forums post:

"When it comes to reviewing our New Player Experience, there’s a lot of clear work to be done in terms of directing players to key story progression. However, when it comes to systems progression, we want to run some proper tests on what the true best way to teach a player the value of Crafting and Resources is."

As such, when Tennos now complete the Vor's Prize Quest, some of those new players will receive a message from Darvo with a blueprint as well as resource packages. There will be three different packages being sent out, and not every new player will receive one, leading the team to be able to monitor which scenario has the best impact on teaching new players the crafting system in the MMO. Running for four weeks, the team will be using the data to make the New Player Experience more meaningful for those trying out the MMO for the first time, especially if they got the itch after yesterday's Spring Content preivew


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