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Digital Extremes Announces TennoCon 2022 is Happening Online July 16th

Prepare for Warframe reveals, behind the scenes info, and reveals

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Digital Extremes will hold TennoCon 2022 as a digital event on July 16th. The Warframe event will stream across several platforms from the studio’s home of London, Ontario.

The conference & event will of course feature the usual news and reveals, behind-the-scenes information,  pics inside the studio and of course the celebration of Saint contributions and a lot more. There will be contests as well as other community events, and the team is still curating the schedule on line up but have already announced  a couple of contests, for art and cosplay. The Dojo Showcase event will also return, and will be part of this year’s art show. Fans can submit their art or cosplay and the team will go through community submissions in order to share them on the TennoCon broadcast. In fact, they’re already taking submissions.

In a release announcing the event date, COO Shedon Carter said, “TennoCon is designed to give Warframe players a peek behind our game development curtain, while also taking a moment to celebrate the community of players that make Warframe what it is today”. Carter also said that Digital Extremes is still coordinating the lineup and announcements as well as other experiences for the upcoming event. Announcing the date and community submission opportunities made sense since some of those have deadlines in late May to mid June.

In past years, TennoCon has seen significant reveals, like last December’s The New War expansion that grew and changed the narrative direction for Warframe. This year’s secrets are still buried deep, but with the recent release of Angels of the Zariman, which expanded Warframe’s features to include a social hub and give players customizable apartments, among continued narrative content, there is sure much to work from. 

For more on TennoCon 2022, you can head to the announcement and info hub over at Warframe.


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