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Did Blizzard Just Give Us a Hint About the Next Expansion?

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A new armor has been datamined from the current World of Warcraft version sitting on the PTR. The new set is called Kul Tiras, the location once ruled by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore during the Second War. He is not coincidentally the father of Lady Jaina Proudmoore who has been largely absent in an unknown location for most of Legion. 

The armor name comes from a map hanging on the skirt that, according to WoWHead, is very similar to the map of Kul Tiras found in the original WoW player handbook.

Speculation is that this is where the next expansion would go. Players ruminate that the Old Gods will be the next logical enemy after the defeat(?) of the Burning Legion. After all, the Shadow Priest artifact,Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire, whispers to its owner and speaks of an Old God writhing in his prison and slowly breaking free. "You should hurry and defeat the fallen titan...there are greater battles to fight." For those steeped in lore, this is doubtless a reference to the God of the Deep, N'Zoth.

N'Zoth also has ties to Queen Azshara, once the ruler of the High Borne empire and who fell to N'Zoth's corruption that doomed her followers to become the Naga. Naga have been a prominent part of Legion as well, with subtle hints that she is still influential.

It is also possible that Jaina's disappearance could be her effort to bring Kul Tiras into the fight against the Legion. Blizzard's Ion Hazzikostas recently spoke about solo rifts that would take players to locations where the Legion had had a presence. Datamined locations do feature one location called "Islands" which could indicate Kul Tiras. So in this scenario, Kul Tiras would be a rift location and part of the overall Legion expansion rather than a new add on to WoW.

Whether Kul Tiras would be a full on expansion or a new zone in Legion remains to be seen. An expansion is preferable, of course, and makes sense if v7.3 is the final patch to Legion which could herald an announcement at this year's Blizzcon.

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