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Diablo IV's Skill System is Getting Huge Changes

Promote build diversity

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blizzard shared some new details about the skill system in the upcoming Diablo IV and how they’re changing it to allow for build diversity.

In a new update post, the team discusses how they’ve read quite a bit of community feedback and taken it into consideration. The biggest takeaway seemingly was that the Talent system needed more depth. Additionally, skill progression was felt by some to be too simple. This results in players not feeling any real reason to continue to invest their skill points.

To that end, the team separated skills and passives on the literal skill tree. The upper section of this tree will be for skills. You’ll spend your skill points here to unlock skills, additional skill functionality, and passive points.

The lower section of the tree is where you can then spend these passive points. Passives will affect your character and provide upgrades to your character. They’re not specific to skills, per se. The skill tree overall contains several nodes, as Blizzard calls them. Apparently, the goal is to have every node affect different skills in different ways. This then creates player choice.

You can check out the post here.


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