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Diablo IV Team Promises Transparency, Early Patch Notes, and 'Compelling' Alternate Options Alongside Nerfs

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 Diablo IV’s wildly unpopular recent patch will get some changes, and the team has not only announced some hotfixes to help make some improvements, as well as greater transparency before making major changes.

The Season of the Malignant Campfire Chat  stream  addressed the feedback they've received over this week's huge patch with many changes that nobody liked. Today, we can expect a large hotfix for some of the most notably broken changes.

The chat featured Joe Shely, Diablo IV’s game director,Joe Piepiora, the associate game director, and was hosted by Ryan Fletcher, associate director of community. Immediately, the overall message was clear - ‘We hear your feedback and we promise to be more transparent going forward’.

If they intend to make any big changes going forward, they will be releasing patch notes early to give everyone an idea of what is coming. We'll also be seeing more of these streams where they will walk us all through the intent behind changes.

One of the other big promises is that they're going to slow down some of these larger changes in order to make sure that if they are in going to make any big nerfs or if they're about to destroy someone's build, that they are offering compelling and significant alternatives in that same patch.

Some of the other stuff that is in the works are further changes to make leveling from 1 to 100 faster, including some XP tweaks. they're not looking to slow down the game, they say, in response to feedback, and they don't want to have people feeling like they're hitting walls. also, respec costs will be coming down by about 40% in the patch 1.1.1 that will be out in a couple of weeks. Also coming in 1.1.1 there will be an additional Stash tab. Inventory hoarders, rejoice!

There will be another stream next Friday, where they will be discussing what's coming in 1.1.1. 

They answered a few questions from the community and revealed that a few things are in the works, such as leaderboards currently potentially happening in season 3, loadouts that are actively in discussion, and XP progression changes are on the way.  The team also knows that the Barbarian and the Sorcerer need a lot of work, post patch, and  we can expect those changes, including to armor and survivability, to be a priority. Including in Hardcore. 

See updated notes at Diablo IV.


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