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Diablo IV Quarterly Update Looks At Itemization

Last update for 2020

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest quarterly update for Diablo IV is here with a focus on itemization.

This will be Blizzard’s last quarterly update in 2020 with progress on the game continuing. Itemization is the key focus here with the team explaining that they really paid attention to player feedback to guide their direction.

The update looks at the skill tree, primary stats, weapon types, item qualities, legendary affixes, and uniques. Regarding weapon types specifically, Blizzard mentions that they want to make weapons look and feel completely distinct in gameplay. They also directly addressed wands writing,

“But something was still missing. Wands should be faster than quarterstaves, and swords and maces should do different things. To see what that feels like in action, we've added weapon speeds and inherent characteristics to all weapons in our latest internal test environment.”

Take a look at the full update here. There are several GIFs showcasing these items in action.


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