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Diablo IV Devs Break Down Details in the Release Date Trailer, Hinting At What's Coming

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Last month at The Game Awards, the Diablo IV team revealed the game’s upcoming release date of June 6, 2023 with a big presentation and a packed release date reveal trailer. Now they’re presenting a new video breaking down the behind the scenes process of putting that trailer together and even getting into some of the highlights and what you might need to know if you’re newer to Diablo.

As for the latter, they look back at the Inarius and Lilith trailer, and it’s worth a watch (or rewatch) to center the discussion. Blizzard goes pretty hard in their cinematics, at least, and this trailer sets things up well. For franchise vets, this won’t be entirely groundbreaking, it’s demonic war after all, but the approach this time is to go deeper into some of the lore and events, as the team hints at.

They  go into the creation of the cinematic, from the work of the SFD (story, franchise, and development) team, and where things are headed. Being able to explore Lilith’s character and  Ilarius’ character, and their motivations is exactly what awaits in Diablo IV. The conflict between heaven and hell, and how things got to this point, with all the stories rooted in Sanctuary are laid out in just enough teasing and iconic stylized Diablo imagery. 

Inarius is present in the lore, but here he’s present, and Blizzard promises a deeper exploration on the way.  For now, analyzing this trailer involves highlighting a few details that maybe you missed or at least should be paying more attention to.

Plagued by several leaks, the Diablo IV player tests were even somewhat gated and limitedto work to keep key aspects of the story, including the ending, secret. Blizzard will, naturally, begin the promo period with the game due in early June, and we’ll learn more before launch. 

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