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Diablo Immortal's New Five-Star Gem Will Do Flashy Sword Damage, Plus the Legions of Horror Limited Event

There's a new Familiar to train up and of course, new gear to collect

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Diablo Immortal is cooking up a brand new event, a new Five-Star Gem that deals some flashy, deadly damage, along with a new Familiar, balance changes, and returning events.

The update will be available across all regions by 3am PDT on Wednesday, April 24th. On Wednesday, expect the new Legions of Horror limited-time event, and the brand new Hilt of Many Realms Five-Star Gem. The new gem is here to grant the option to conjure five flying swords that follow you for 10 seconds. In that time frame, every time you use a skill, it will consume one of the swords and create Sword Rain at a random enemy location. When this strikes you'll deal 125% base damage +506. 

Since you have five of these flying swords following you,  you have up to five opportunities within that 10 seconds to pull off damaging strikes. Unleashing Sword Rain also has a 50% change to drop a huge sword to deal another 50% damage to targeted enemies, knocking them into the air. 

Through May 22nd, drop tables are modified for Legendary Crests for Elder Rift runs, and when you get a Five-Star Legendary Gem drop, the rates for Hilt of Many Realms will be 50%.

Also arriving Wednesday is the Legions of Horror event. The new limited event runs through May 8th and offers daily and weekly tasks for rewards, including set items, gold, scrap, Telluric Pearls, and Terror Crests. Collect those crests and you can progress towards several milestone rewards.

The update introduces a brand new Familiar, the Bramblestalker. It might look like a shrub at first glance but eventually it can become a forest Goliath. Its primary skill will plant spores into three enemies to deal damage and bind them. As with other Familiars, you have the option to potentially unlock passive skills and new ways to play. 

Diablo Immortal also introduces new Legendary weapons with a new, unique Afffix for each class, balance changes, class tweaks, and a new Mad King Phantom Market. If you're feeling lucky you can get items from the Phantom Market on random draws, including a number of brand new cosmetics, like the Let Me Out Emoji, Children of Inarius Violet Weapon cosmetic, or Mad King’s Regalia set.


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