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Diablo Immortal Will Merge Some Servers For Better Grouping, With Free Server Transfers Now Open

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The Diablo Immortal team has announced that in several weeks, they will be merging some servers in two weeks so that grouping up is easier. As a result, the team has opened up  server transfers today, with the first one free to all players. 

In addition to opening up character transfers, today's update fixes some bugs and adds a series of new Legendary items. The 36 new items are designed to complement the Gloomguide’s prize set, with possible set bonuses via the affixes. The items are class-based and offer new ways to gear up. The update also increases XP rewards for dungeons in a balancing effort. 

The upcoming server transfers will merge after the next content update in two weeks. The way they will merge servers is by grouping existing servers into groups of four. Essentially, these four servers will have enabled cross-play so you'll be able to log in to your usual server,  but it will be linked with three others after this change. This should increase the available population you can match with. 

Because they are announcing server merges, today character transfers have arrived. Since you can still log in to your usual server after the merge has happened, today’s announcement comes with a chart with what the final server groupings will look like. Every player will get one free character transfer, with any subsequent ones being a $15 paid feature. The free one won’t expire. If you want to still play with friends who will not wind up in your same server Group after the merge has, then you have a transfer to use.

 This update also sets the stage for the Season Six Battle Pass: Below the Sands, which runs from October 27th through November 24th. This one is based on “mad mage” Zoltun Kulle, and features challenges and rewards for each level of battle pass.

For more on the merges, final server groupings, and other changes, head over to Diablo Immortal.


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