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Diablo Immortal Will Get Quarterly Major Updates in 2023, With New Class, New Story Quests, and Fishing

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The Diablo Immortal team is laying out some of its plans for this year, and they include quarterly major updates, a new class, new features, fishing, new bosses, and many improvements.

In a post shared to the game’s subreddit,  there is an overall look on some of what we can expect this year as Diablo Immortal has its first full year of service. After the game released in mid 2022, there were two major updates along with a series of minor updates, events, and other improvements, but this year they are planning four major updates. This is similar to other Diablo games with their quarterly and seasonal models, and this shouldn't be surprising to anyone following the Diablo franchise. 

As far as what's on the table, these four major updates will bring a new class, new Helliquary bosses to defeat, and more and improved social features. There will also be clan improvements, which is something the community has requested. Also on the way are new features, including a new competitive mode, and even fishing. 

Being a Diablo game, there needs to be narrative content, so they're planning to continue to grow the narrative with story content around Sanctuary, which is never getting rid of the demonic threat, so you may as well have fun with it. The team is planning new Main Questlines and side quests that develop the story, the people of Sanctuary, and even lore. 

Since Sanctuary will still see a lot of fiery danger and challenges, they want to continue to evolve gameplay and give you some choice in how you slay those demon threats. As an ARPG, and a Diablo game,  expect loot. Lots and lots of gear and loot. Tons more Legendary items that should help broaden options for building your class and taking on different playstyles if you want another experience.

The team is also looking for community feedback on all of these planned updates.

For more, you can read the full update here.


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