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Diablo Immortal Will Get More Dynamic Events, an In-Game Calendar, and PvP Content

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 The latest Diablo Immortal Q&A answers some questions about  improvements, class balance,   when new PVP content will happen, and more.

The new entry is briefer than the last one, but there's some interesting info here. When you are requesting and battling it out for loot and gear, running out of space is an all too common problem. The devs are hearing the request for more Stash space and say that they’re working on some way to expand this.

 It's understandable, given the number of items in an ARPG, and having enough storage space is especially helpful in a game where you can customize and change your classes and class builds more freely. Diablo Immortal is this, letting you try out roles and classes without having to make a new alt for everything you want to try.

We learn that the team is testing new PVP offerings. There are no details on what they are, but it is fair to guess that we will be hearing more before too long. “We have a few avenues we're considering and will have more details for you about new modes in the future,” says the update.

Class balance also gets a mention, with a question about whether,after tweaks to the Monk, other classes will also be getting a similar pass. They’re not committing to anything beyond keeping an eye on classes and “evaluating for potential change”, as they keep an eye on class health and balance, as well as, presumably, the meta. 

This Q&A also reveals that we’re getting an in-game calendar feature eventually. This will list out the current and upcoming events in Diablo Immortal. They’re also exploring the possibility of more dynamic events after the Fractured Plane. In response to a community question, more events that introduce new gameplay and put a new spin on Diablo Immortal’s systems Is something they are looking to explore further. 

You can read the full Q&A over at Diablo immortal.


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