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Diablo Immortal Update Will Merge Servers into Groups for Better Population and Begin a New Event

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Today, Diablo Immortal begins adding a new update that will implement the previously-announced server merges, start a new event, fix some bugs, and add additional quality of life updates.

Downtime for Asia, Europe, and Oceania will start today at 4pm PST, with the Americas following at 12 AM PST overnight. Once the update is live, the server merges might be the first thing you notice when logging in. The effort will group four servers into a new merged megaserver type option. You’ll still be able to log in directly to the server you were on, but that server will now be grouped with three others in your region. 

What this means is that those on the four servers will be able to queue up and participate together, so this merge effectively expands the population available for grouping. The Diablo Immortal team gave every player a free server transfer token, so if you find yourself sorted into a server but your friends are somewhere else, you can still use that. You have posted an updated FAQ on what this means for every aspect of your play experience, including friends list, Battleground scores, clans, character names, leaderboards, and more.

The update will also begin a new event, starting tomorrow at 3 AM server time through November 23 at 2:59 AM server time. The Fire Before Darkness event will be live, giving you daily quests with copious demon slaying goals during the event period to complete for rewards. Completing tasks during this event also go towards unlocking milestone rewards. 

The update also fixes some bugs, adds the Unspeakable Depths Standard cosmetic set, and updates some items and timing for activities. With time changes happening and player feedback coming in, the team will set the Shadow’s Assembly and Wrathborne Invasion at adjusted times.  

Another change comes for Legendary Gems, which will now see fragments come in Bound and Unbound types. You can upgrade a Legendary Gem without making it Bound by using the new Unbound fragments and have the option to sell it on the market.

For more on all of the updates, including server details, head to Diablo Immortal.


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