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Diablo Immortal Update Adding 36 Legendary Weapons, New Extraction System, and Limited Events

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The Diablo Immortal team has revealed Tong-Shi’s Renewal Lunar New Year event, 36 new Legendary items, and more coming next week. 

The update will go live in most regions with downtime on January 15th from 4-6 PM PST, and will go live in the Americas after the downtime on January 16th 12 AM -2 AM PST. Once that’s all set and live, the following will become available.

Legendary items are always worth talking about, but these 36 new items will only be available in Hell Difficulty VI or higher. The team has been updating its later game content and these are another way of adding to that. Making this requirement is part of wanting to give players something to strive towards as they progress. 

Every class gets some new goodies, with new sets and weapons on offer. The arrival of these 36 new items, there's also a new method of essence extraction. With this update, Legendary equipment won't be salvageable at the blacksmith, but you'll need to extract the essence from it instead. you'll get upgrade materials in the same way. Eventually, the same item won't let you extract any more essence from it, but if you get a duplicate, you can extract from that item and apply it to the original. 

After receiving feedback that many dungeon completions were not giving any set items, dungeons will now drop a guaranteed set item. Cross-server dungeons are also in play. The party finder will search other servers to fill your party if there aren't enough on your current server. 

The Lunar New Year event will let you complete tasks every day to earn festive rewards and also receive several login rewards on certain days.

A new Battle Pass season will start with this patch. The Fractured Plane limited time event also begins, featuring a 15-floor gauntlet to take on. You’ll have to do so without your gear, gems, and skills and use a set of pre-selected skills and unstable gear that you find throughout.. 

For more on this new content update, head to Diablo Immortal.


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