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Diablo Immortal Trial of the Hordes PvP Event Lets You Slay Demons and Spawn Them For Your Opponent

A new competitive event, Battle Pass preview, and feature tweaks on the way.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week, Diablo Immortal unveils Trial of the Hordes, an event that lets you compete head to head with another player to earn rewards and make your way upward through the event ranks.  There are new details on server merges, the upcoming Season 15 Battle Pass, and some returning events, along with some quality of life and feature updates.

Diablo Immortal continues to balance servers, with a new round of server merges affecting Japan coming this week. In the Japanese region, 12 servers will merge into one in this wave in order to make player populations viable for events as well as competition, like this week's new event. These server merges will happen on June 28th. General maintenance for this update will happen between June 27th overnight and June 28th, with the main update going live on Wednesday the 28th.

Returning events include Hungering Moon and Shady Stock. Also some feature updates, where Corvus Expedition now only needs four players and is more rewarding. The daily cap on sidequests has also increased from 16 to 24.

The centerpiece of the  week's update is the Trial of the Hordes Challenge. This PvP event will match you against another player of the same class. Matchmaking is cross-server, and you will each have your own enclosed lane where waves of demons will spawn. Slay the demons as fast as you can. Every time you kill some demons, more will spawn on your opponent's side. Matches are timed, so your job is to either overwhelm  the other side with a swarm of demons, or to at least have more life remaining when the match ends. 

There will be a ranking system and as you win matches  and go up in ranks, you'll earn rewards, enter new rank tiers, and ascend the leaderboards. This event will also come with daily tasks that you can complete just for participating in Trial of the Hordes. If you complete one match you'll get 3,000 gold and 20 Scrap, with further rewards for doing things like defeating 1,000 monsters or picking up five Combat Globes, which can drop from enemies you kill during the challenge.

This week we also get a preview of the Season 15 Battle Pass, Bronze Wardens, with 40 ranks and rewards. This pass will open up on July 6th, and run through August 3rd. 

For more details, see the devblog at Diablo Immortal.


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