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Diablo Immortal Reveals Cosmetics and Class Change System, Opens Pre-Registration Campaign

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Diablo Immortal is now available for pre-order on iOS,  And there's a brand new  developer blog on cosmetics and class changes, and how they'll work in the mobile MMORPG.

According to the team, if they get at least 30 million global pre-orders and pre-registrations who then download the game, then the Horadrim Cosmetics set will be unlocked for all as long as they complete the tutorial within 30 days after the games release. There’s also a new teaser featuring the armor set on the game’s various classes to tempt your attention. 

The developers are finally revealing cosmetics and how they'll work in the game as well as the class change feature. Some sets feature specific themed effects or are lore-tied. The Ghosts of Ashwold set will be the first released, themed after the monthly Battle Pass. Their goal is to release a new set each month.

Cosmetic items will be available to purchase as well as through the Battle Pass, which lets you choose one cosmetic outfit each month while you are subscribed. If you have the Premium Battle Pass then you can also get custom portal skins or portrait frames. They make it clear that there will be opportunities to earn free cosmetics through gameplay.  

Because they envision Diablo Immortal as a living game intended to grow and evolve, including visually, but there's also an option to change your character class. if you decide to change your class, which is designed to give you the feel of playing multiple classes on any MMORPG, you'll retain all your Paragon level progress. They wanted class selection to be meaningful, so they are planning to figure out potential limits to this process, but they didn't want to force players to feel like they had to give up all their progress in order to play an alt or to be forced to have a bunch of alts in order to get what they want or need.

Read the devblog for full details at Diablo Immortal.


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