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Diablo Immortal Prepares for Hallow's Wake, Adds New Limited Event, New Defend the Vault Mode, and More

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Diablo Immortal is preparing for Halloween in the special way a Diablo title can, with the Hallow’s Wake limited time event, starting next week. Several other changes go live this week, including the Telluric Pearl resource, Defend the Vault mode, and the Infernal Knowledge limited time event.

Hallow’s Wake will start next week on October 19th at 3 AM and run through November 2nd at 2:59 AM. This is a short event, but it aims to be spooly and challenging: “The boundary separating the living and dead grows paper thin. For a short while, two realms fuse into one for Hallow’s Wake, where dastardly demons and specters run amok in mischievous harmony.”

Players who have reached level 20 and above will be able to start eliminating goblins, the dead, and also  be able to cleanse haunted rifts. If you complete some tasks you'll get rewarded with Hallowed Stones. This is a currency you can use to trade for spooky rewards during the event time and you can also use them to trick or treat. The trick-or-treating is another layer that you can use to treat your friends, go with the mysterious Crone, or unleash some hexes. 

The team is also opening a new recruit a friend program tomorrow. This will open 4 players above level 20. You can share your friend code and recruit up to 3 players with this method. Both of you will get rewarded.

Defend the Vault is a new mode that has you join a party of four and queue up to defend against a Shadow raid. 

If you can't wait for Halloween, there is a limited time event starting this week, beginning tomorrow. The Infernal Knowledge event will start and you can complete daily event quests to get rewarded and unlock milestone rewards. This will help you in vanquishing demons. 

The team has added a new resource, Telluric Pearls, which can be used to craft five-star Legendary gems. 

There are also some fixes and tweaks in the update. You can read the full patch notes over at Diablo Immortal..


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