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Diablo Immortal Opening New Events Ahead of Diablo IV Crossover, With Clan PvE, and More

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While we wait for more info on the events that will celebrate the release of Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal has an update this week, with both new and returning events, including a PvE event for clans.

The Diablo IV x Diablo Immortal event will be coming in early June, and the team promises that on June 1st, we'll get a blog with full details on all of the events in this collaboration. This will include the Merciless Monstrosity event, the new Children of Lilith Battle Pass (with Lilith-themed cosmetics), the Hatred’s Heritage Phantom Market, and more to mark the newest journey into the darkness of Sanctuary and beyond.

This week, however, there will be an update between the 23rd and 24th that means on Wednesday this new update will be live.  Beginning May 24th, All Clans on Deck is a group PvE event for–you guessed it–clans. Take on invading hordes of the armies of Hell with your clan and mow down Elite enemies within the time limit. 

The event will run through June 1st at 3:00 AM server time,  and you and your clan will receive rewards based on the highest tier you have achieved. These tiers involve eliminating different numbers of Elite enemies throughout the event. The top tier is Diamond and involves getting rid of 6,000 enemies, but you'll start receiving rewards with just 150 dispatched. 

The Hungering Moon event is returning from May 31st through June 6th, offering up a new bonus this time. The Blessing of More will be one of the two blessing types you can draw.If you draw this, you'll get a 20% bonus to critical hit chance or a 50% XP bonus while in dungeons for a limited time and you will also get five Moonsilvers after you use it. 

Also on the way on June 1st is the Dread Pilgrimage limited-time event. This one is a month long and will run through August 2nd. You will see this laid out in the ruins of a chapel, now of course with demons inside. The challenges will unlock over time, so you'll have time to complete them in order to earn yourself a number of rewards. There are four windows and a statue, and all of these will unlock gradually in June. One of the challenges will be to defeat Ashava. Another will be to “Complete a brand-new event”.

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