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Diablo Immortal Launching on Mobile and PC on June 2nd

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Diablo Immortal will launch on mobile and PC on June 2nd in most of the world. While the game was designed from the beginning for mobile, Blizzard announced that the game will also enter open beta on PC on the same day.

The June 2nd date applies to most of the world, with additional regions getting access to the game a few weeks later. A recent pre-registration campaign got over 30 million players to register interest in the game, unlocking the Horadrim Cosmetics set. 

Releasing on PC was something that the team went back and forth on, according to a new dev blog accompanying the announcement. They weren't sure if releasing a game originally developed from top to bottom for mobile would do it justice, but community requests began rolling in and since Diablo has a sizable PC audience, not wanting them to get an inferior emulator experience, they decided to push ahead with a PC release that stands on its own.

Because of this decision, cross-play community building will begin on day one. 

Diablo Immortal on PC is an experiment from Blizzard. We didn’t originally plan to put this game on desktop—but as soon as it became a possibility, we knew we had to take the time to make it happen. If you’re a longtime Diablo player, the result will feel a little different from other PC Diablo games—but we’re extremely excited about clicking Immortal’s demons dead with our mouse, and we hope you will be too.”

In order to release the game on PC, they swapped the controls from swiping and tapping back to classic mouse and keyboard. You left click and move your character and attack, while there will be keys you can map in order to use your abilities and potions. However, there are WASD directional controls available if you want to use them.  Another factor they took into account were the instances in the mobile game where you’re expected to move and attack simultaneously. There’s also going to be full controller support.

For more on Diablo Immortal, head over to the official site.


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