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Diablo Immortal Hits 10 Million Downloads, $49 Million in Revenue on Mobile in First Month

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With Blizzard saying that the company would comment on what's next for Diablo Immortal in the coming weeks, there's a new report suggesting that the game has earned about $49 million on mobile in the first month of release, on about 10 million downloads. The controversial monetization systems remain, however, and these figures may keep criticism going, but looks like players are spending.

The new report comes from mobilegamer.biz and references data from Appmagic to make the claim that this launch might just be  the biggest ever for the Diablo franchise. With a rush to 10 million downloads in the first month, and a $49 million mobile revenue intake, it might be bigger than Diablo 3, which sold about 10 million in its first six weeks. However, it's not exactly comparable, since Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game. River, what the 49 million dollar figure does show is developer earnings, so the actual sales numbers are higher since this figure doesn't count for the 30% cut that Apple and Google take from sales.

Clearly, things are selling over in Diablo Immortal, despite the review bombing on Metacritic, the number of warnings about the monetization systems, and other analysis discovering just how much fully gearing your character out might cost ($500k?).

One thing to note is that these figures do not include PC revenue data. On mobile, the peak seems to have come on June 11th, with a daily high of $2.4 million. Overall, Diablo Immortal had a great June launch, and while the monetization has drawn more than its share of controversy and opinions, the audience did show up. How long this lasts or how it will hold is anybody’s guess, but with a Blizzard employee noting that any announcements on where things go from here is coming, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some sustained presence or even growth if new content is fun enough.

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