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Diablo Immortal Has Reportedly Made $24 Million on Mobile in Its First Two Weeks

The controversial monetization system is raking it in.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After just two weeks, it seems that Diablo Immortal isn’t dissuading players from spending, despite a widely-criticized monetization system. Reports estimate that sales on both iOS and Android have reached approximately $24 million in just two weeks.

The data, from AppMagic, shows that approximately $13 million has been spent on iOS and $11 million on Android. This comes as the game has been praised for bringing Diablo to a mobile platform (while also deciding to adapt a bit to also launch on PC) but heavily criticized for its monetization scheme. Many have called it predatory, with criticism cover everything from the ramp up designed to hook you to the way gems are handled. Belgium and the Netherlands didn't even get a Diablo Immortal release over those countries' gambling laws covering loot boxes.

It does seem that the launch window has been quite profitable so far. While there's no data yet on sales through the PC Early Access version, starting from $24 million on mobile is already a significant baseline. The numbers show that the United States represented 43% of the revenue, and South Korea in second with 23% of that revenue. It is clear that players are spending, but this is still early data from the first two weeks. Criticism of the monetization system has been high and continuous, so it remains to be seen if this level continues. 

Still, we can only guess at how much PC revenue upped those totals, but when it comes to Diablo Immortal, the launch has been undoubtedly successful. Along with the revenue totals, download numbers hit more than 8.5 million during that same period, with a peak on launch day, June 2nd, and a slowing by June 5th. Again, the US led download numbers with South Korea second.

While it seems the game launched in a positive position, longevity is a question. As for that controversial monetization system, we’ve wondered if it’s mostly just targeting the whales while letting most players simply enjoy playing a faithful Diablo interpretation on a new platform.

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