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Diablo Immortal Gets a 'Mini Update' With Three New Events, Dungeon Party Flexibility, and New 15v1 PvP Mode

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Diablo Immortal has a mini update today, with flexibility in dungeon groups, new features, including the Fractured Plane limited time event, Into the Dark Wood event, and Echo of the Immortal, a new repeatable game mode.

This update makes a few tweaks and fixes. When is an important change to dungeon party size requirements. Previously, four players were required to enter a dungeon or a hidden lair in Hell Two or higher difficulties, but now you can enter with 2-4 players, but the dungeon will still be tuned to four. If you complete it with four, you’ll get a bonus chest. The update also adds those 36 new Legendary items, sorted by class.

When it comes to the limited events, The Fractured Plane might be your first stop, since its 15-floors of challenging minions right from Hell, is the key to some rewards. According to the developers in the announcement, this limited event was created because they want players to be able to try new skills and Legendary items that they may not have access to. It's also an alternative for what to do as you play Diablo Immortal. 

In order to take on this challenge, you won't have access to  your usual skills, gear, or gems, but instead you will have access to some pre-selected skills based on your class and the Unstable Legendary tier gear you’ll find while progressing. All the Unstable gear you get will disappear at the end, but if you reached the 15th floor and haven’t died more than five times,  you will be able to choose six of the items you encountered and receive one at random that you can keep.

Into the Dark Wood will run through August 31st and you can complete tasks for loot and potentially, milestone rewards. Echo of the Immortal runs through September 14th. It’s a limited-time, repeatable game mode for level 40+ PvPers. The event pits 15 players against one randomly-chosen player who gets the power of the immortal. If the rest of the players succeed and beat the immortal, then the whole match becomes a free-for-all, with a lot on the line.

For more, head to Diablo Immortal.


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