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Diablo Immortal Details Emerge from Chinese Media Interviews with NetEase Devs

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NetEase took some time to speak with Chinese media about its work in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment on Diablo Immortal, a forthcoming mobile-only ARPG. Since the announcement at this year's BlizzCon, reception by the online community has been hellish, but developers are hopeful that additional development details may help ease concerns.

Diablo Immortal is being built using NetEase's "Messiah" game engine that has been in use since 2010 across a number of its titles. The company has worked with QualComm over the years to ensure proper optimization with its chips.

As for more game-oriented details, here is what MMOCulture ferreted out of the interviews with Chinese media:

  • the story will not be as dark as previous titles, something more suited to mobile players
  • the company has no problem with players using PC emulators 
  • the business model is not yet determined
  • the team is beginning to consider additional features including a wardrobe system, auction house, PvP and guild functionality
  • no decision has yet been made whether or not there will be cross play between iOS and Android devices

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