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Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Adds Tristram Cathedral and New Team PvP

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Tristram Cathedral is making its way into the next major Diablo Immortal update, Dark Rebirth. The update brings a new main quest, dungeon, new PvP mode, and even The Butcher drops by.

Some townsfolk have been disappearing, while others are reporting disturbing dreams. It will be your turn to descend into the Tristram Cathedral dungeon and investigate just what is going on. Your task will even put you in the path of The Butcher and his massive cleaver. 

He’s not the only thing you’ll have to worry about, however, as there are some new abominations. Known as the Shardborne, they arose when the Worldstone became corrupted, with shards entering human flesh and reanimating the dead. They’re powerful, decaying, and will need to be handled carefully, being sure to keep them away from any Worldstone shards, unless you want a more rabid enemy on your hands. The Cult of Terror’s plans include unleashing them everywhere, so you’ll head to a number of important locations to foil them.

Speaking of The Butcher and slaughter, the next Battle Pass will debut on September 28th and is called “Fresh Meat”.

Diablo Immortal is also getting a Random Dungeon finder in this patch. One button click and you'll be able to jump into a random dungeon with a team. If you enter a dungeon using this feature, your chance to receive a set item as a reward will be increased. 

This is a major update and there are also daily quest updates, including rewards, and there are eight new modifiers for Elder Rifts. 

For those who are looking for a new PVP option, Alley of Blood might fit the bill. This is a new team-based, single lane PVP activity where teams compete over hallowed ground and try to destroy their enemies' Sentry Towers. Once the towers are down, your task will be to destroy the other team’s Crystal Heart. Each team also gets a little help from Sacred Guardians that will help you fight and attack enemies’ towers, and Crystal Heart. Clear their paths for your benefit. 

Coordinated strategy is the way to win this. Before each match, you'll have to pick your specialist skills, choosing among skills unique to Alley of Blood. Alley of Blood is the new way to fight in the Shadow War, and there will be changes, including a new weekly schedule.

If you'd like a taste of Alley of Blood, you can take part in the special PvP event that starts tomorrow, and run through October 5th.This is a 4v4 version with some restrictions to get a hang of the general rules and how it feels to be out there in the new mode. Of course this will also be able to Grant you a number of rewards for your efforts.

See more in the very full patch notes over at Diablo Immortal.


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