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Diablo Immortal Celebrates Over 30 Million Installs - Entices Players to Login for Rewards

Steven Weber Posted:
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Diablo Immortal has been doing well since its launch back in June. With over 30 million installs and a purported 100M in revenue, the cross-platform title feels like it’s only just picking up steam despite some backlash related to its monetization system.

The rise of Diablo Immortal isn’t necessarily shocking, when you consider the popularity of the Diablo franchise and its hold on the ARPG genre for more than 25 years. Despite the IP’s popularity, Diablo Immortal has been a controversial release from the moment it was announced as a mobile title back in 2018. The game still pushes on, and the bountiful number of 30 million installs is nothing to balk at. Hitting the new threshold is no doubt in part due to its release as a free to play game in China on July 25th after a short delay.

According to Sensor Tower, a mobile app intelligence site, mobile gamers make up almost half of the 30 million total installs worldwide (outside of China), with iOS as the preferred mobile platform. To celebrate the milestone, Blizzard is inviting players to login and claim their rewards which are 1 Legendary and 6 rare crests.

As the game continues to knock out milestones, which includes landmark monetary earnings and a growing number of game installs on iOS, Android, and PC, there is still a vocal sect of players that are poised and ready with cheeky remarks when Blizzard announces a new achievement. Plenty of former players on twitter were quick to point out that counting the number of installs doesn’t indicate the number of players, as many indicated that they have uninstalled the game before getting too far into the game.

User reviews on Metacritic and Android have been somewhat abysmal despite fairly well-received critic reviews. iOS is the clear outlier, with a 4.5 out of 5.0 user score, pitting it at its highest user score rating available. Diablo Immortal has definitely left a strong impression, with many players taking positions on both ends of the spectrum. Fortunately, for those that love the direction of Diablo Immortal the game still seems to be chugging along with no signs of stopping, as the game sits as one of the top grossing apps on both Android and iOS, edging out other powerhouse titles like Genshin Impact and Clash of Clans, and still sits in the top 10 of free RPG games on Android and iOS. Whether Blizzard will be able to keep Diablo Immortal at the forefront of the mobile charts is another matter entirely.


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