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Diablo Immortal Adds New PvP Mode, Tower War, 42 New Legendaries, and Improves Survivor's Bane

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Diablo Immortal’s latest update lands this week, with Survivor’s Bane improvements, a new PvP mode, 42 new Legendaries, fixes, and returning events.

Tower War is a new, team-based PvP mode in the game. You'll be able to compete starting on February  26th, three times every server day for those level 55 and above. Two teams enter the arena and work to capture five effigies on the map and hold them long enough to awaken the Sacred Guardian. Next, of course, you have to kill it for rewards. 

Along the way, earn points to emerge as the winning team, and continue to try your luck in the mode, accumulating rewards and ranking up on the leaderboards. The gameplay will feel like a blend of Accursed Tower and Battlegrounds, with rewards working similarly to the latter, offering a number of items for notching ever-higher ranks. 

Tower War will open from February 26-March 25th, with three separate rounds per day, from 10AM-12PM, 2-4 PM, and 8-10 PM server time.

Survivor’s Bane gets some improvements after community feedback criticized effort versus reward, the skills not feeling properly tuned, and the lack of an alternate way to leave Endless mode. Improvements in this update mean that rewards will be based on kill count, not time endured. Endless mode gets a regular pop up every so often that gives you an option to exit with your earned rewards. If you continue playing, the enemies you face will be stronger, and of course more rewarding. Certain skills also got boosted up in response to feeling lackluster before.

In this update, the team also makes two changes to the Raid the Vault event to cut wait time down to participate and to encourage PvP that pushes the Shadows through the vault.

Returning events include Fire Before Darkness, All Clans on Deck, and Alley of Blood.

Downtime for the update begins today from 4-6PM PST for Europe, Oceania, and Asian regions, and 12AM-2AM PST for the Americas. 

Head to Diablo Immortal for full details.


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