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Diablo Immortal Adds Class Change, Announces New Helliquary Boss, and Adds New Endgame Content

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 As promised, Diablo Immortal has added the new Class Change mechanic, along with in-game events, a new Helliquary boss, new cosmetics, endgame content, and more.

If you've been playing Diablo Immortal and are looking for something different, or to try another class, class change is now available. One of the reasons the team wanted to add this mechanic was that it helped create flexibility and let you play different classes without having to make new alts for each one.

Class changes will be free and open for you to use once a week after you reach level 35. However,  if you need it, there is a one-time-use immediate reset that will let you revert the change if you're unhappy with a class change. There are no plans to change the seven-day waiting period or allow people to buy more frequent changes. 

When you change for the first time, you'll be able to preview the character's appearance and your Paragon Trees will be fully reset. Additionally, when you change to a class for the first time, you'll get placeholder gear that will reflect the rank of your previously equipped gear from your last class. Some class-specific cosmetics or gear won’t be available for the new class, but anything you equipped to your previous class will be in your inventory and whenever you use that class again, everything you had will be available to use.

There's a new limited-time event now on through August 3rd called Adventurer’s Path. You'll be able to earn gold, scrap materials, and the ability to unlock milestone rewards after completing certain numbers of tasks.

New endgame content is also here, with Hero’s Journey. This four-chapter challenge unlocks after you get through the Frozen Tundra part of the main questline. These challenges scale in difficulty as you level, and the team promises rewards worth your time. Eventually, they’ll add two more chapters.

Other content that has been announced will arrive at later dates, including the newest Helliquary boss, Gorgothra The Claimer, who will be out on August 2nd. Taking her on will require some strategy to get past her petrification rays, strikes, and venom.

For more on all of this and more, see the announcement at Diablo Immortal.


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