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Diablo III PTR Opening Tomorrow With New Season 27 Content, Including New Sanctified Powers for Each Class

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Diablo III is opening up its PTR test for patch 2.7.4 tomorrow. The test period will run for 16 days to let the devs get  feedback on the new seasonal theme, including Sanctified powers unique to each class, general updates, and some item changes. 

The theme for Season 27 is centered around a new consumable, Angelic Crucibles. The team is looking for feedback on how these work and everything from effects to results. These consumables work to Sanctify any equippable Legendary item. If you Sanctify an item, it is reforged and will have perfect ancient level stats on all of its affixes and keep the Legendary Power of the item. It will also add one of three powers unique to a player's class.

Some of the 21 possible Sanctified powers you can get include:

Barbarian - Whirlwind pulls in and holds all enemies within 25 yards.

Monk - Casting Wave of Light now summons a bell at the target location that deals damage when the caster attacks the bell. Up to seven bells can be active at one time.

Wizard - Magic Missile fires 20 missiles and gains the effect of the Seeker rune.

Angelic Crucibles will drop anywhere in Sanctuary for level 70 and above and they will only be acquired during seasonal play. Once the season ends, you won't be able to transfer them to any non-seasonal character. You can Sanctify items more than once if you didn’t like the result, and there’s no limit to how many items you can Sanctify. However, you can only equip one Sanctified item at a time. 

Other changes you can test out include general updates such as Adventure Mode being unlocked for all accounts by default,  and update to difficulty selection to be consistent across all platforms, and more.

To read the full PTR notes, and learn how to join the test  on Tuesday head over here.


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