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Diablo III Opening PTR for Season 28 - Rites of Sanctuary

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Diablo III Season 28, Rites of Sanctuary, is almost here. Blizzard is putting update 2.7.5 on the PTR on January 31st for all to test the new Primorial Ashes feature, skill and item changes, and much more.

The seasonal update cadence arrives with a brand new theme, Rites of Sanctuary, which goes deep into the Festering Woods. You'll have to investigate mysterious happenings as well as figure out what's going on with an ominous altar with cryptic markings on it–the Altar of Rites. This altar contains power and can grant this power to others with the right sacrifice.

And with that, there are seals and potions to unlock, each represented by icons on the mysterious altar.  The seal powers include things like damaged boosts, removing the level requirement from items, loot boosts, the ability to gain immunity to crowd control, dodge increase buff, and more. As for the potions, there are only a few of these and they're generally helpful, like when you drink a health potion all enemies within 25 yards will deal 25% less damage. 

Seals and potions are central to this update. The powers that you unlock with seals or potions, you'll be able to unlock connected seals or potions when you have the right materials. If you unlock any of these, the powers that you gain will apply to all of your characters for the entire season. 

The new Primordial Ashes feature will help you to unlock more of these over time. You’ll be able to salvage Primal items for 55 Primal Ashes that you can offer to the altar.

If you manage to unlock all of the seals throughout the season, then you get some looks into Sanctuary’s past and the Wings of Terror cosmetic.

You can help the team finalize development on the new season by testing on the PTR. For full details, head to Diablo III.


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