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Diablo II: Resurrected Update June 29th Will Give Lots of Love to Multiplayer Lobbies and Finding Games

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A new patch for Diablo II: Resurrected is on the way. Scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th, patch 2.4.3 promises new improvements to multiplayer lobbies on PC and console, bug fixes, and some quality of life changes.

Multiplayer is at the heart of this update, though it is a wide-ranging one overall. One of the first changes is to Game List so that there will be more options for those who are looking to find a game and found that the game list didn't populate with enough options before. Now the maximum number of games that can appear in the list at any given time will be doubled from 20 to 40, and with a faster refresh, adding to a previous change that opened the list to more sources. 

There are updates for multiplayer play on both PC and for console players. For console players, Party Finder has been replaced by Game List and Game Creator. Making these changes will allow a more streamlined experience, since some options are pulled from the PC build.

When you select play, you will get three options. Private, will create a private game you can invite friends to if you wish. Game Creator lets you create a public game that will populate on the games list (or a password-protected game that won’t appear in lists). Game List is the searchable list of options to join.

PC lobbies also get some love in this patch. You can double click to join a game and search functions added to the lobby, and viewable connection quality tooltips when mousing over Game List options. 

Other changes in the patch include a series of quality of life changes affecting bulk assigning stat points, ability to start a new attack right after a Whirlwind ends, easy access and shortcuts to the Horadric Cube, and more.

See the full details on the patch over at Diablo II: Resurrected.


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