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Diablo II: Resurrected Servers Still Seeing Character Locks and Server Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When Diablo II: Resurrected launched several days ago, there were some major issues affecting a number of player characters, being unable to start a new character, log into an existing one, all the way to lost progress, even on offline characters. Blizzard took the game down for several hours' maintenance on Friday and said that things should ahve been more or less resolved, but it soon became clear that some issues persisted.

One of the issues seems to be that characters who may have already been locked out get bugged and remain stuck, leading to an error that says a character is already logged in. One of the tips Blizzard has advised is not to use the same character names for offline and online characters, since the character lock issue is considered related. Yet, this is just one part of the work to chase down permanent solutions to what's affecting Diablo II play.

There was another update, 9.26, on Sunday that aimed to address the issue but that one and the associated server restarts were paused in order "to investigate and monitor why those affected players cannot create games". While this patch may have helped some, other players reported the new patch created a bug in their previously working games. Pausing until they better understand the situation just might have been the best option. According to the latest community update, “We intend to resume this process later but don’t have a specific ETA right now. We’re aware that some characters remain stuck in closed games. We are working to return those characters to a playable state as soon as possible.”

There’s no word today on the next steps in fixing the issues, but the team asks for patience.  There seem to be potentially a few issues affecting the characters becoming locked on a server, some other players seeing lost progression. Keep an eye on the official site, as there should be updates coming soon.


Christina Gonzalez

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