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Diablo Creator David Brevik Announces New Publishing Company, Skystone Games

Co-Founded With Bill Wang, Announces First Two Games

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Diablo-creator David Brevik and Bill Wang have announced a new games publishing and dev studio today called Skystone Games. The duo have also announced the first two games in Skystone's portfolio, Undying and Spaceline Crew

Announced via press release, Skystone Games is a new game publishing and development house aimed at "uncovering rich new expereinces highlighting incredible talent across the globe." The team is founded by industry vets with some real weight behind them, Diablo creator David Brevik as well as Bill Wang, formerly from Perfect World. Skystone announced this morning that they were publishing two new games, Undying from developer Vanimals, as well as Spaceline Crew from Coffeenauts. 

Via the press release:

“We envision Skystone Games as a global developer and publisher of multiplatform video games, with the aim to provide creative guidance and global publishing services. In this way, we help talented designers make better quality games and market to a global audience.” said CEO Bill Wang. “We want to create a family-like environment that's fun and supportive - a place where every team member’s thoughts and ideas carry the same weight. Developers will share know-how and best practices across projects. When we collaborate in this way, everyone wins.”

Undying is a new title from the team at Vanimals, and it tells a story around a mother Anling and her son Cody. Anling is infected by a zombie bite, so she fights to survive - not for herself, but for Cody. You can check out the announcement trailer below. 

Meanwhile, Spaceline Crew is a non-violent rougelike, putting players in the shoes of interstellar flight attendants of commercial spacecraft. The title will feature procedural levels, with plent of ships to unlock - and the promise of dealing with unruly alient travelers. 


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