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Diablo 4's Early Access Launch Hits Some Snags On PlayStation 5 Due To License Errors

Devs are looking into the issue

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Diablo 4's launch has been rather smooth for a large, always online game. But that doesn't mean it's not had some setbacks, especially if you're on PlayStation 5.

While queues are one thing (though in our experience on PC, the queues were rather smooth), many PlayStation 5 users started to report an error they were experiencing due to an "Invalid License." Given that players spent a ton of money for the ability to play days early ahead of the official June 6th launch, it's understandably frustrating.

Shortly after the early access started, the official Diablo IV Twitter account (and on the forums) acknowledged the issue, stating that the team is looking into the problem. However, as of now no real solution has been offered to those affected by the problem.

Some players have found workarounds, with those in the replies recommending picking up something from the PlayStation shop, such as a cheap microtransaction or even the free items listed on the Diablo IV store page. Other users are reporting the same problem on the Xbox Series X version of Diablo IV, though it doesn't appear to be as widespread compared to the reports we're seeing from PlayStation users. Additionally, it doesn't look like this workaround even works all the time - and we definitely don't recommend spending more money on a game you've already paid for just for the chance to actually play it!

There was a patch this morning, but it does not address the launch issues plaguing the console versions. Hopefully, there is a fix here soon, as those players eager to jump in and explore Sanctuary paid $100 to do so early.  We'll definitely keep you updated on this issue.

Launch problems like this are nothing new to online games, and it's a major reason why we opted to wait on our final review score when reviewing Diablo IV this week. Check out our Diablo IV review in progress to see how Robin feels the ARPG has fared thus far.

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