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Diablo 4 Will Make Duplicate Uber Uniques Useful, Add a New Resource, and Fix Season of the Construct Glitches

Turn those duplicate Uber Uniques into something you actually want

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Diablo 4 will make some improvements to Uber Uniques, with the aim to increase chances of getting ones you want and making dupes useful. Next week’s update also fixes a number of issues, from accessibility bugs, to Season of the Construct glitches affecting gameplay.

Coming on February 13th, the update will add a new resource, Resplendent Sparks, when you salvage Uber Uniques. Collect five of these and bring them to an Alchemist to transmute one Uber Unique piece of your choice. According to the devs, it was a good start during Season of Blood to offer another way to get Uber Uniques, Uber Duriel, but “we want to give players increased autonomy in obtaining their desired Uber Unique by addressing feedback that expressed how acquiring duplicate or undesired Uber Unique Items lessens that feeling of triumph”.

Items can sure pile up, and it does feel worse to have a hole in your collection while you continually get the same drop. To accompany this new resource and change, the drop chance for Uber Uniques will also be going up everywhere outside of Uber Duriel encounters. 

The update will also fix a lengthy number of issues, including ones from the Season of the Construct. Among these are Malphas being able to still damage players after he has been defeated, Journal pages not dropping, some interactables not being interactable as intended, and missing text in tooltips.

A variety of other issues are also getting cleaned up, from missing Treasure Goblins to aspects not working as intended, and some NPCs not spawning. Accessibility bugs are also set to be fixed,  including issues where screen readers were not reading onscreen info correctly.

See what is coming in next week’s patch at Diablo IV.


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