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Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn Is Now Live

Sam Plaisance Updated: Posted:
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Season 4: Loot Reborn in Diablo 4 is now live on all platforms, bringing new systems, affixes, Tempering, and more. 

This season is a little different than what Diablo fans are used to, as usually, with the start of a new season, we get questlines to follow, a new seasonal realm to start over on, and new mechanics to understand. This time around, rather than getting a new questline, we get overhauled tools and core features. 

Changes to several general items are the most notable, as they will come with fewer affixes, but the ones that they do have are more powerful. These new items can now be upgraded in an entirely new way: Tampering and Masterworking. Those who choose Tempering are able to add new affixes using recipes, while Masterworking an item will upgrade the already existing affixes. This means we will spend less time trying to understand each of the base affixes granted to a piece of armor and more time customizing them to what fits our playstyle best with the new ways to upgrade. 

The Codex of Power has also been updated, as salvaging legendary items store their powers away as Legendary Aspects automatically. That means swapping out Aspects onto new gear is easier than ever before, and upgrading Aspects can now be done by salvaging higher-powered gear at the Blacksmith. What's more, any legacy Aspects earned will no longer take up precious inventory space, as they will automatically be converted to the correct upgrade in the Codex of Power once you log into Season 4 for the first time. 

World Tier 3 has also gotten a nice quality-of-life fix, as anyone playing on Tier 3 will always gain Sacred items, rather than a mix, and those playing on Tier 4 will be granted Ancestral items rather than a blend as well.  

There, of course, are several balance changes, since some classes became a little too big for their britches throughout the different patches, as well as a few changes to Unique items and a few of the Legendaries available currently. 

These are just a few of the changes to hit Diablo 4 with the latest season, and though we knew of these changes a bit already, we can now dive in head first to witness them ourselves. 


Sam Plaisance