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Diablo 3's Retro-Themed Darkening of Tristram Anniversary Event Begins

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From today through January 31st, Diablo 3 players can take part in the game's anniversary event called The Darkening of Tristram. The event pays homage to Diablo 1 by presenting players with a retro look and loot that is a fond callback to the original game. This includes the Godly Plate of the Whale and music from D1 that can still raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Along the way, players can earn achievements, portraits, pets (the BUTCHER!) and many more.

Follow the clues and you’ll soon find yourself in a realm of glorious RetroVision™, where an all-too-familiar cathedral looms. Explore the depths and you’ll discover familiar enemies and iconic items, all brought to life in the Diablo III engine. Meanwhile, deep beneath the catacombs, the Dark Lord himself awaits any intrepid adventurer who dares to challenge him. . . .

Check out the Diablo 3 site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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