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Diablo 3 PTR Patch Revamps Follower System

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent PTR patch for Diablo 3 brings a revamp to the Follower system. Here are the details.

The system will be permanent for seasonal and non-seasonal play. You’ll be able to equip followers with 14 different items. These items will include helms, shoulders, chest, gloves, bracers, belts, two rings, necks, pants, boots, a main hand weapon, and an off-hand weapon.

Blizzard is also introducing Emanate, a new Follower feature, which will let you gain the proper effect of Legendary Powers and set bonuses when you equip them to the Follower. Additionally, follower skills have been reworked like Crippling Shot, Powered Shot, Hysteria, and several more.

The patch also brings several item changes and bug fixes. The PTR testing time began last week and will last a total length of two weeks, ending next Thursday, March 11. If you want to hop in and check out the changes for yourself, be sure to follow the instructions laid out at the bottom of the notes.


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